IT Infrastructure Security Solutions

IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. All hardware and software needs to work and function in order for your organisation to perform to the very best of its capabilities. But, one of the biggest threats to your network infrastructure and your business is security. You need to keep your network secure to avoid situations like the recent WannaCry cyber attack. Keeping your network secure is a task that never ends. There are numerous things to consider when it comes to IT Infrastructure Security. Below are the few most important things that AVGN Infotech’s team focus during designing of IT Infrastructure Security.

Gateway Security

Enterprise security starts at the network gateway. Many organizations do not have the technology, time, or expertise to adequately protect their network gateway. This problem can be multiplied by numerous locations, network needs, and devices. In response to these challenges, AVGN Infotech offers an industry-leading Managed Gateway service to take responsibility for the management, monitoring, and security activity at the network gateway. Services are deployed as a monthly service and include all necessary installation services, hardware, software, licensing and management features necessary to protect an enterprise network gateway. Managed Gateway solutions can be deployed using an industry standard manufacturer.

Identity Management Security

At the most basic level, identity management involves defining what users can do on the network with specific devices and under what circumstances. Today, many security products have an emphasis on managing mobile access to corporate systems. In an enterprise setting, identity management is used to increase security and productivity, while decreasing cost and redundant effort. For security reasons, tools for managing identity management should run as an application on a dedicated network appliance or server, either on-premises or in the cloud. At the core of an identity management system are policies defining which devices and users are allowed on the network and what a user can accomplish, depending on his device type, location and other factors. All of this also depends on appropriate management console functionality, including policy definition, reporting, alerts, alarms and other common management and operations requirements. An alarm might be triggered, for example, when a specific user tries to access a resource for which they do not have permission. Reporting produces an audit log documenting what specific activities were initiated. Many identity management systems offer directory integration, support for both wired and wireless users and the flexibility to meet almost any security and operational policy requirement.

Server Security

There is absolutely no question that if you are running a server, you must ensure that it is locked up tight against security threats. A large part of that is focusing on server security.

  • Keep Server Software Updated
  • Only Install What You Need
  • Secure SSH and Remote Access
  • Apply the latest Service Pack
  • Use Group Policy and Domain security polices to secure the Domain and your systems.
  • Set account lockout after X number of failed attempts (3-5 recommended)
  • Make Administrative passwords very complex and minimum length 15
  • Keep guest account disabled
  • Maintain and Secure Database Areas
  • Maintain Server Backups Review backup policies and procedures
  • Use Separate Discs for system and data
  • Consider disabling unused hardware device ports.
  • Ensure a UPS is on all critical Servers and make sure that they can shutdown cleanly.

Web Security

One of the branches of Computer Security, Web Security is specifically Internet related . Immunity’s Web Security Service helps to manage and secure the Web traffic. This is done by filtering the various kinds of malware threats present today, preventing or blocking the different URLs which has any kind of inappropriate content etc. It also helps in the prevention of confidential and important data loss because of the various Web protocols. This does not just include browser security however is also includes network security which is more on a basic or general level since on a whole, it applies to operating systems and various applications. The whole objective is to establish the various measures and riles that should be used to prevent any Internet Attacks.

The internet is considered to be an insecure channel, there is a high risk of fraud, intrusion, phishing and various other threats during the time when information is exchanged. Just like encryption, there are various other means or methods that can be used in the protection of data which is transferred. Data theft and targeted attacks are changing the entire scenario of Web Security. In order to get a complete security for the information, it is just not enough to have URL filtering products and Anti-Virus softwares. It is also required to have various kinds of real time defences. Inline and innovative technologies used for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) which can help in defending the latest kinds of attacks which can includes the various combinations of the 7 stages of advanced threats which is the root cause of Data theft.

Features of Web Security

  • As threats are created, they are detected.
  • Various context are used to help in the reduction of false positivity’s as well as to reduce the management overheads.
  • Helps to prevent or stop data which is sensitive from leaving the network of the business Via the Web.
  • Enforces the company’s Security Policies automatically in order to reduce the risks/threat of data loss.
  • Enforces the company’s Security Policies automatically in order to reduce the risks/threat of data loss.
  • Protects Multiple layers of Malware.

Benefits of Web Security

  • You network in protect as it helps to prevent the various threats which are Web based.
  • Before the delivery of carious Web content including media files and PDs, it ensures that it is free from any kind of malicious code.
  • Helps to save the bandwidth, ensures compliance and boosts the user productivity by preventing or blocking the users from visiting any kind of website which is inappropriate or even downloading any kind of media file which is usage.
  • Administrators also use it as it helps them in the creation of different policies for various sites that contain any kind of dynamic content like Web 2.0 sites or even portals.
  • Helps in the restriction of access to particular websites during certain hours as, it also helps in the protection of the bandwidth as well as the productivity by placing Internet use limits on the volumes and time.
  • For those users who are not within the boundaries of the corporate network, it helps in the application of the usage policy as well as provides the necessary information on the protection of malware.

Email Security

E-Mails have become one of the fastest and effective modes of communication in today’s times. There are various threats attached to this service, it is no longer constraint to only spam or nuisance mails, however there is also a threat of phishing messages which is used by attackers who have intentions which are malicious. Initially this was only a threat to capture the various and crucial credentials of an individual’s accounts however now the scenario has changed and it has gone to the extent of obtaining the confidential and sensitive information of a business.

Immunity’s Email Security Solutions is a service that is designed keeping in mind the various threats that are available today. It helps to manage the various spam, virus, phish and malware mails that can come into the network of the business. It provides all the various security measures that is needed in order to ensure that your business information is safe and secured.

The various products available for email security also includes the best and customized solutions which are also available in the premises along with the best solutions which are cloud based. They help to provide the best protection and a form factors which are based on the required choice and are flexible. The Email Security Service helps to manage and handle all the outbound and inbound messages effectively to ensure that there are no malware, spam or any other such mails going or coming into the server. The solution is designated in such a way that it provides the necessary protection against any kind of unknown and known viruses. It also helps to capture most of the spam mails as well protects the company’s network.

Features of Email Security

    Virus Filter and Email Spam prevention which is effective and accurate.
  • This service provides protection from unknown and known viruses 100%, it also helps to reduce the spam mails by 99%.
  • Provides the necessary defence system against any kind of attack.
  • This is a service which also provides the necessary defence system that is needed against targeted attacks, phishing, malware and spam. It also provides a predictive and detailed analysis.
  • This service provides protection from unknown and known viruses 100%, it also helps to reduce the spam mails by 99%.
  • URLs are examined and scanned.
  • Another feature of this service is the ability to protect the network from any kind of attack which may occur thru various links that are sent. It scanners through to ensure the security of the network as well to ensure that there is no hidden content which is malicious in any way.
  • Dependable service from the cloud.
  • Cloud service has been working towards ensuring that it provides an effective and highly accurate service in order to manage and secure the emails. This is done with the support of a global team which ensures they continuously and deliver an effective service which is meaningful and comprehensive.

Features of Email Security

  • Helps in the reduction of complexity.
  • Reduces the risks of any kind of security breach in turn helps in the increasing the productivity of employees.
  • Helps in enabling the business put into place usage policies which are acceptable, reduction of data loss as well as maintaining the regulatory compliance.
  • Helps to enable a rapid implementation, reducing the overall cost of ownership as well as helps in the delivery of predictable costs.
  • The service delivery is of the highest quality.
  • You also gain access to a team that is dedicated and specialised in email security, the team understands and knows the importance of email’s and service excellence.